Acne No More Review - Final Facts - Scam or Not?

After spending countless days on the internet trying to find free information on acne, I came across the Acne No More system, and I was really skeptical about it because I have got scammed by a lot of acne products and the Acne No More system being an information guide made it look more like a scam than a real cure.

...You see I have been to the dermatologist... I have tried countless acne medicine products... I have even gone to the extent of surgery (which I didn't perform because my friends were holding me back).

Mike Walden, the author of Acne No More claimed that his system was a complete natural / holistic method that will help cure acne from the inside. Well, that was something to think about.

I went through forums and discussion groups to see if anybody had tried the Acne No More system, and I only came across Internet Marketers trying to promote the Acne No More to me.

...This really turned me off, but eventually I decided to try it myself since there was a 8 week money back guarantee endorsed by a reputed company called Clickbank.

The book is more than 240 pages long and it has too much information to read all at once. I had to read the book twice to understand the whole system, and it literally took me 4 days to complete reading it twice.

I was really reluctant to follow the actions in the Acne No More book because it focuses on detox diet programs and several other detox things to do for which I had to sacrifice certain things I really enjoy doing.

The good thing about this program is that it doesn't ask you to buy any medicine or treatment product other than certain food products.

...In 23 days, I finally got almost clear skin with exactly two spots that weren't even visible unless I zoom my face on the mirror.

Now it has been more than 2 years, and I still have clear skin, and NO I am NOT on the Acne No More program anymore. It was a one time action only.

So as you can see, Acne No More (Not a Scam) works as long as you are willing to have patience and self control since it requires you to sacrifice a few things until the program is over.

CLICK HERE to get your own copy of the Acne No More System today, and I wish you all the very best.

Feel free to post a comment on what you think about the Acne No More system. Do you think it is scam? And why?